Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome Wednesday

1.Tell us a bit about yourself

Im Aly your average book addict, you know the routine, sleep eat, read, wake up, eat,then read that kind of thing, where in stead of boys its books on your mind hahahaa, i pretty much breathe books. Ive been through the whole stage where i cant bring myself to read, i think every reader has that at one point, im just glad the feeling has long gone because truly it sucks. In my spare time, besides reading, friends are a big part of my life keeping in touch just having fun i feel is really important that doesn't mean you have to go wild just relax catch up simple as that. I love my romances and soppy stuff weather its a book or movie i feed of that stuff, Heck i adored Titanic that is full on sappiness which means its my kind of thing. Ok im sure Ive babbled enough! Hehehee :D

2. Tell us a bit about your blog
I have A Dream is very new perhaps a few weeks old, but the support was instant which is just amazing, i already have dedicated viewers which normally takes months to get to that stage, i guess im lucky because i had dedicated bloggers from my other blog Fantasy4eva. I also don't like to limit myself to genres i may prefer certain genres to others but i am open to read and review pretty much anything. This blog is based more for the younger teens however at times you might find a YA book or a adult book in there, i think my blog is having a identity crisis right now, It will come around hahahaa.

3. What made you decide to start blogging?
I new nothing about blogging firstly, it was when a mate of mine mentioned it that it caught my eye as she told me more, i got more curious it was only a matter of time before i took a look for myself,and completely fell in love with the whole concept. I love expressing myself, and i never thought i could do that with others especially when it came to books, so blogging was like a whole other world out there. Blogging is probably the best thing that has happened to me, my blog is like my baby i literally have to check on it everyday :)

  1. Tell us some of your favorites

    Purple & Pink


    Ice Cream


    Pen or Pencil?

  1. What book (s) are you currently reading?

    Memoirs Of A Geisha, My soul to Take and Kevin my Military man

    6. If you life was a movie, who would play the roll of you?

    oh wow i actually have no idea, my life is pretty boring so think of someone lame :)

    7. Favorite Authors

    Cassandra Clare

    8. Books that have inspired you the most

    Thirteen reasons why, Unwind, & Before I Die
    9. What advice would you give other bloggers
    To be patient , one of the hardest things when your starting out is coming to terms with what kind of blogger you are and finding your niche, what your zone is, it took me a months to recognize mine, the other thing is with some new bloggers not having many comments and followers it can be confusing and leave you unsure at first i know that, just branch out connect with other bloggers, that's the best advice i can give, branch out and put yourself out there, that does not mean leave your blog link out there or say follow me because i follow you, that is the worst thing you can say and it will put the blogger of, just be you and be patient the results will eventually start to show.
    10. Anything else you would like to add in?
    Just thank you i really enjoyed this, if there's any bloggers out there that need help, feel free to contact me, i was a newbie not so long ago so i know how hard it can get i would love to support you in any way possible.
    Be Sure to go Check out Aly's Site at I Have A Dream Here

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