Saturday, June 12, 2010

CSN Stores Review

So I have had the privilege to do a review of the wonderful CSN stores available online.. there are over 200 stores to look at and OHHH my so many wonderful choices, with beds to household items, to baby items.. and our main love... Bookshelves

Check out some of these wonderful beds

But Bookshelves, is exactly where we rushed to.. now in all fairness and regardless of how hard it was... we decided to get the kids there own new bookshelf so that they can stop crowding ours... but regardless it will be a welcome addition and helpful. 

KidKraft 38" H Puzzle Bookcase

Isn't is just adorable... I mean its perfectly sized for the kids and the wonderful puzzle shape just adds to the multicolored masterpeice.
Once it has arrived I will definitely let you know about construction and quality although from what I heard I doubt there will be a problem.

Thank you to the wonderful people at CSN Stores for contacting me to do this review.  Check out there main site

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ham1299 said...

WOW! Fancy beds! Almost makes me want a new one! LOL That's an adorable bookshelf! Thanks for sharing that!

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