Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Newest Updates

OK so I figured it was time for me to do an update, as most of you know we have been working hard on trying to get everything updated, design, content and website built all done... There is gonna be some major changes regarding blogging.. and I hope these are all liked by you as my followers.

Change 1 - I will no longer be doing Kaden's Korner. However there will still be childrens books and movies reviewed about once a week. These will be posted directly on my blog now.

Change 2 I am gonna cut back majorly on doing meme's I have decided to do a few and will stick with only those ones. These are the ones you can expect to see from now on:
*Star of the Week*- will be posted on Sundays: This is a new meme I have decided to create. that will focus on one blogger for the week, they may do giveaways, they may just do a Q&A or a guest blog post.. who knows you will have to see (If interested in applying for this please send me an email at 
In My Mailbox I will continue to keep up with this one.
Teaser Tuesday I love this one.. so I am keeping it
Saturdays will be Weekly Watch and Book Polls- Going over what is going on or upcoming and cool things some of my favorite bloggers/affiliates have going on... Then my weekly book poll of what you would like to see next. 

Just an update I am hoping to have something huge planned for March, keep your eyes on for that as I will be posting details ASAP regarding that. 

Side Note**** I have seen and read all the controversy regarding affiliates. Which I just recently accepted on my own... Here is my quick rant and take it exactly as stated. I started blogging about October of last year, right after I had a back surgery. I didn't know much about the blogging world, nor did I have any clue what I was doing.. One day I came across a blog, which was so interesting it was about books, ones that seemed so interesting and the owner of this blog was accepting affiliates... I thought to myself.. hey I should try... maybe it will help me promote my blog.. Well Unfortunately she said no to me... as I was brand new... I didn't take this as a bad thing.. she told me to wait a bit... work on doing meme's and getting followers.. and gave me a few tips... (I believe all us bloggers should be this way, cause we all need a lil help now and again, especially as a new blogger) So I took her advice and worked on my design, and content, posting about books and coming up with new ideas... She gave me a reason to try in a way.. So on my end... being one that likes to help when at all possible... I believe affiliates and newcomber programs/ tips on blogs etc is a great idea. And I fully support it, and will continue as it made my blog what it is today. Which btw, Thank you Natalie @ Mindful Musings for being such an outstanding blogger and helping a new blogger in the world. If you havn't checked her blog out.. be sure to do it here.

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Ann Elle Altman said...

I took your button for my blog and I like the changes you made.


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